In recent months, the talent pool in the Netherlands has become even more competitive. For example, more and more multinational companies are setting up their European headquarters in Amsterdam in a response to such demands as Brexit. In response to this, we regularly speak to clients about the benefits of hiring, via a trusted partner like Aspira, for specific project skill gaps.

We provide project leads and put together project delivery teams with a blended mix of our expert permanent staff and our experienced associate consultants. Many of our associate consultants are active in the contract market and have a long-term association with us.

The companies we work with all have similar challenges:

• It is very difficult to find permanent people for niche IT Role.
• Experienced and qualified Agile experts, Project Managers and Business Analysts are hard to find.
• The talent pool in the Netherlands is extremely competitive, making it more difficult to source staff.
• Qualifying if a professional is truly an expert in their field is not easy.

Despite these issues, we find that companies are increasingly reluctant to engage directly with the current mixed group of freelancers or staffing companies, preferring the niche practitioner and customer-focused engagement from a consultancy company, such as Aspira. A consultancy that understands their needs, delivers quality reliably and are with them for the duration.

Our clients tell us that the benefits of hiring via Aspira include:

1. Interim professionals are screened/hired by Aspira experts not inexperienced staffing company recruiters. Aspira are practitioners in their field and this means that all candidates have been rigorously interviewed/tested for both soft and hard skills by experts in the field. We remove the risk factor!
2. We provide a one stop shop for your project requirements. No need to deal with a multitude of providers/brokers; we listen and then we deliver!
3. We provide expert delivery assurance as part of the service. We redefine the meaning of an ‘Account Manager’, we provide an expert to engage with each client; someone who has been the client and knows what success looks like.
4. We stay with the course. We do not walk away until the work is done!
5. We provide all the benefits of interim hiring and top level consulting at a value level few can match.
6. Our Professionals have a home with Aspira… we are there for them as professional centre of excellence and a team of like-minded experts! We are way more than a pay-check!

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Author: Russell Moore, Aspira Resourcing Manager & Peter Ryan, MD Aspira Europe.