At the core of what we do is provide expert project management. Our services are designed to aid you to ensure project success.  We can engage at the level to meet your specific requirement, from providing project assistance to complete outsourced project management.

In addition to internationally recognised Project & Agile methodologies, we also utilise our own Aspira Project EXcellence (APEX) project delivery framework.  APEX is a best of breed solution based on multiple industry standards that drives excellence and enabling your existing team to deliver 30% more projects.


As a Software Development company, we are expert in defining and applying Agile methodologies. Our Agile project management approach perfectly addresses our clients’ needs in an iterative approach that helps teams deliver value faster. At Aspira we deliver expert Agile services for our clients.

Programme / Project Management

When you need to deliver a key project for your organisation, effective programme/project management will be a central component to success. Some of the challenges facing companies today include handling multiple projects together or delivering a project in a non-core skill area. We provide expert programme/project managers who are experienced in specific project areas (such as ERP implementation) to take on and deliver successfully for you. We also provide project managers to augment existing teams and take on workloads to help you deliver across the organisation.

Project Governance

Keeping a project on track to meet stakeholder requirements can be challenging, however an effective Project Governance Framework will help to ensure project success. How you apply Project Governance should match your specific project requirements, while also being structured and transparent to allow a common framework for all your projects. Aspira assist companies in ensuring good Governance Frameworks are in place. Our methodology helps you to define roles and responsibilities, levels of authority, communication plans, reporting and meeting structures. This ensures that all stakeholders at all levels are aware, informed and provided with the necessary information to make key decisions.

Business Analysis

When you are implementing change that impacts business processes, you need to ensure you identify all the process elements that will be affected.  Aligning your changes with business requirements will be a key success factor for your project.  As an accredited member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Aspira provide expert Business Analysis services that identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems.